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What is a kickbike?

In few words, it is a two wheeled push scooter, actually a big one looking like a modified bicycle. And, as for “normal bikes”, kickbikes come in different styles, just depending on your lifestyle: mountain biking, road racing, urban, freeride... Main difference is that there are not saddle, seatpost, pedals, gears... it looks like a simplified, easy to use naked bike. It has just a large front wheel, fork, handlebar, small rear wheel and a specially designed frame for standing on it.

Why a kickbike?

Because its clean mechanics: No shifters, gears, chain rings, dirty chains, pedals... just two wheels, handlebar, brakes and frame. Because it is easy riding: No matter if you know how to ride a bike or not, since the first kick you will be sliding. Because it is a great workout: You will burn calories faster than riding a bike. It is absolutely joints friendly and also smoother and easier than running. You can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs and buttocks. By adopting the proper kicking technique (lifting the knee in front) you will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals and lower back. The standing leg does a surprising amount of work and will soon get tired if legs are not switched frequently. The muscle work (which is effectively isometric) is mostly felt in the quads, but almost all groups of lower leg muscles are used And just because it is different and funny.
Hannu Vierikko designed the first Kickbike in 1994 as he wanted to get fit for marathons without joint pain. Resulting device was an hybrid between bicycle and scooter: front wheel, fork and handlebar from a bike and standing platform and rear wheel from a scooter. This scooter allowed him a total body workout without joints pain and more efficient than biking. Soon Kickbike was a total success and nowadays the brand is worldwide leader as it sells 5.000 Kickbikes yearly all around the world.