Optical Biathlon

Biathlon. Brief history.

Biathlon was born in the late XVIII century as a military sport in Escandivia. First race ever was held on 1767, this year two border patrols from Sweden and Norway agreed to show their skills in a combined competition including nordic ski and shooting. To know more...

What is Optical Biathlon?

Due to the fact that in traditional biathlon fire weapons are used, Optical Biathlon was born around ten years ago keeping in mind the idea of being able to everybody to compete on biathlon. The fire rifles were substituted by light emitting devices, so that the competitions can be held everywhere, indoors or outdoors, requiring no shooting ranges because no bullets are shot at all. Optical Biathlon is open to many formats, and right now everybody can enjoy competitions such as: cross-skating biathlon, running biathlon, mountain bike biathlon, kickbike biathlon, orienteering biathlon, kids biathlon... and the infinite possibilities one may consider to explore. We are absolutely convinced about recreational shooting is a superb tool for the development and improvement of psychomotor skills on the youngsters, so we organize events for kids since twelve years old.
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Optical Biathlon