It is not just a sport activities company. It is something new, absolutely different from anything you have ever experienced. Do you want to go through dirt roads, forest tracks, lonely uneven asphalt roads, while you fly on skates? Yes, no kidding, on cross skates. Don’t you dare to skate? And, what about a scooter? A real off road scooter. Even more, do you want to put your marksmanship to the test? You should test our optical biathlon system.
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You will be able to skate on the very same paths you would travel while riding a mountain bike or running... but on cross skates. If you want, you can forget about asphalt. Forest tracks, parks... there are no limits. Cross Skating was born right for that, to make you feel something new, to thrill you, to let you skate right where you always thought it was not possible. We can even teach you. Cross Skating was born in Germany, so we travelled there to get our DSV certificates (German Ski Clubs Association). Check our bio.
Ride your bike, run, skate, ski... and now come for a shooting round. It’s not so easy, you see? But you like it the most. That’s BIATHLON. Just try it in the way you like the most, riding your mountain bike, running... But we recommend you to try our preferred version... riding a pair of cross skates or a kickbike. But if you just want shooting, you will enjoy our shooting games: precision, speed, penalty time...
Scooters from the brand which developed this new sport, Kickbike. Easier than riding a bike, less tiring than running... healthy and funny. The very low gravity center, much lower than any mountain bike, and a standing platform quite close to the ground, allow you an easy, comfortable and safe riding. We know well: after a ride on a Kickbike you will ask for more and more. There’s no better kick.

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